MAN products

MAN products, or “doing yoga will damage my incredibly fragile masculinity”

“Broga: Yoga for men” |

“Strong, energetic,and challenging, Broga combines the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout.  You’ll get that pumped-up feeling you get from working out and a deep flexibility and relaxation feeling from “working in.””

It’s like…yoga, except for yoga’s for women! This is for men. Men like you.  Note the powerful man words.  “A cardio-working, pumped up feeling.” That’s how you know it’s broga and not something for women like “yoga.”

“Adagio Man Cave Series” |

“A collection of three teas that were formulated with Dad in mind. Sugar Daddy is bursting with the energy of life-affirming ginseng green tea. Man Cave has the earthy whiff of leather and beer nuts. Lounge Chair Lapsang is a cup filled with the aroma of Dad’s favorite pipe or a contraband stogy. Dad is sure to savor all.”

This tea appears to be aimed at dads, but it just gives off this intensely no-homo vibe.  “No guys it’s okay, I’m drinking man-cave tea.” Slammin’ some tea with the bros.

“Powerful Yogurt” |

“We team with trainers, sports nutritionists, top athletes and food scientists to bring you delicious products that will keep your energy high and help your body perform – whether you’re preparing for the Olympics, a pickup game with the neighbors, or your first foray into an active lifestyle.”

In a fascinating and unsurprising look at the nutrition facts, Men’s Fitness tells us that:

powerful yogurt is basically the same as other greek yogurts, except there’s more of it.

“Bounce For Men: Pure Sport” |

Bounce Pure Sport

“Even if you can’t whittle a kayak out of a redwood with a penknife, you can smell like the sort of guy who would. Bounce for Men Pure Sport, our first ever laundry product for men, adds softness and fights lint, it infuses clothes with a clean, fresh, sporty scent.”

my only comment is summed up by this tumblr post


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